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About IFST

IFST is the leading independent qualifying body for food professionals in Europe and the only professional body in the UK concerned with all aspects of food science and technology.

Our members are drawn from all over the world from all ages and backgrounds including industry (manufacturing, retailing and food service), universities and schools, government, research and development, quality assurance and food law enforcement.

Membership is open to anyone with a professional interest in food who meets our high standards of professionalism. We have three categories of membership: Fellow (FIFST), Member (MIFST) and Associate. Our professional members (Fellows and Members) can also apply for Chartered Scientist status, the hallmark of excellence for all science disciplines, awarded under license from the Science Council.

IFST qualifications are internationally recognised as a sign of proficiency and integrity. All our professional members must meet certain standards of achievement based on a combination of academic qualifications and knowledge gained through relevant experience. They are also bound by an ethical code of professional conduct.

What we do
Competence, integrity, and serving the public benefit lie at the heart of our philosophy. At all times we aim to:

  • Benefit the public supply of safe, wholesome, nutritious, tasty and attractive food through the application of sound science and technology;
  • Improve public knowledge and awareness of important issues relating to the supply, production, safety and quality of food;
  • Develop and communicate the knowledge underlying food science and technology, and further the education of food scientists and technologists;
  • Safeguard the public by defining, promoting and upholding professional standards of competence, integrity and ethical behaviour; and
  • Maintain these standards by encouraging members to continue their professional education and development throughout their careers.

In serving the public benefit we take into account the many elements that are important for the efficient and responsible supply, manufacture and distribution of safe, wholesome, nutritious, and affordable foods with due regard for the environment, animal welfare and the rights of consumers.


Institute of Food Science & Technology
5 Cambridge Court
210 Shepherds Bush Road
London W6 7NJ


Registered Charity Number 1121681 and company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 00930776.

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