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Food Law Column: Honey – natural product or GM accident

Luke Murphy, Chair of IFST's Food Law Group discusses a landmark case which has created a 'buzz' in the honey industry

Food Safety Column - D is for Due Diligence

Sterling Crew RSci FIFST, Chair of IFST's Food Safety Group, writes about due diligence in the UK

IFST’s Food Law Group column - Your consumers’ rights are soon to change

David Faires MIFST of IFST's Food Law Group describes the upcoming Draft Consumer Rights Directive (CRD)

The 7th International Congress on Pigments in Food: A summary

Dr Matteo Bordiga MIFST writes about the 7th International Congress on Pigments in Food

IFST’s Food Law Group column - What is the current regulatory status of dietetic foods?

Suzane Leser gives an update on behalf of the IFST Food Law Group

Risk management on the food production line

Eric Smith, Head of Food Safety for crisis management assistance company red24, describes risks in the food safety production line and steps that food manufacturers can take prevent them

Impact of using agricultural areas for non‐food crops

Graham Redman of The Andersons Centre, discusses the impact of using agricultural areas for non-food crops

Feeding the Recovery: FoodDrinkEurope leads the way

Ronan Gormley reviews the 30th Anniversary Congress of FoodDrinkEurope held in Brussels on 17/18 October 2012 on feeding the economic recovery in Europe and ways that European food and drink firms can contribute to this

EU regulation to transform food labelling

Lorraine Eve evaluates how the EU Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers will affect the food industry

Changing employee behaviour and improving food standards

Mary Clarke argues that good food safety and hygiene management are vital in food retail and catering premises and brings advantages to caterers and customers alike

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