Top ten tips for starting a food business
Oonagh Monahan, published author and Founder of Alpha Omega Consultants, shares her top ten tips for starting your own food business.

Having mentored almost 300 startup food businesses over the past ten years, over time, it became very apparent to me that they all had more or less the same concerns – Who do I talk to? What about registration? What are the legal implications? Is my kitchen at home suitable? Can I get funding anywhere? Who will buy my foods? Where should I sell them? How can I source packaging? What has to go on a label, and so on.


Stephanie Seege, Founder of Nordchocolate-owned brand kAAKAO talks about her work to push for a change in the EU legislation so that she can call her date-sweetened cocoa bars 'chocolate'.

Tech-entrepreneur, InnovateUK Women in Innovation winner and Cranfield University Agrifood PhD student Siobhan Gardiner shares an insight into her start-up journey, and looks forward to the road ahead.

Andy Morling, the Head of the FSA’s National Food Crime Unit (NFCU), has been in post since March 2015. In his first few months he has been focusing on refining the function of the NFCU to maximise its ability to identify and mitigate food crime threats to consumers. Here he responds to questions about the activities of the new unit.
Susan Jebb OBE, Professor of Diet & Population Health in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford, responds to questions on the impact of salt in the diet on health. Professor Jebb is Chair the DH Public Health Responsibility Deal Food Network which develops voluntary agreements with industry to improve the food environment.
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Food Law Column: Honey – natural product or GM accident

Luke Murphy, Chair of IFST's Food Law Group discusses a landmark case which has created a 'buzz' in the honey industry

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