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Sorting the GM wheat from the chaff

In an era of fake news and many uncertainties when it has become less easy to establish truth from untruth, particularly for complex issues, well written information that can be trusted has increased worth. The whole area of GM crops can certainly be called an issue with many considerations, complexities and controversy. Controversy has been caused by misunderstanding, partial understanding or no understanding and the manipulation and distortion of information.

Absorbing pesticides

Absorbing pesticides

Graham Matthews, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College, is an able communicator. He has taken a topic, pesticides in agriculture, which many will assume prima facie to be dry, technical and of interest only to a few specialists, and has demonstrated that it is both a fascinating subject and one that can be presented in an engaging and informative way. His book, A History of Pesticides, provides an intellectual journey through the topic of agricultural pesticides and it is one for which Professor Matthews is both a knowledgeable and authoritative guide.

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